Saturday, 16 August 2014

Narendra Modi: The Vision Of India

India can now take a sigh of relief with a fortune to see a positive transformation in India. With the changing government, the map of India is likely to change. Visionary Narendra Modi’s one-hour long impromptu has pinpointed such minute yet essential predicaments which otherwise would have been negated. His hearty articulation about Indian reforms has touched the hearts of millions. He directed the minds of nationals towards achievement of national goals and not their own aims.

Here are few aspects brought by Modi in the limelight:

1.    Exercise indiscrimination amongst boys and girls

Why are boys treated like prince and girls like twaddle? Just because boys bring you worldly goods, prosperity, dowry and girls take them away to other house? This bad notion is widely prevalent in India, which compels most of the parents to kill their daughters before they are even born. In the wake of having a son, the parents X-out the girl. Have you ever thought what is going to happen if the process of killing daughter continues? There won’t be any girl left, imbalance between girls and boys, marriages wont take place. Hence, you wont get to see your next generation.

2.    Question Your Sons as much you question your daughters

Where are you going? What time will you come? Why are you going? With whom are you going? Call when you reach.

Why are girls bombarded with the league of questions where as sons are not even asked where they are heading? The absolute responsibility of converting boys into spoilt brats lie with none other than their parents. The quantum of questions they ask to their daughters, the amount of restrictions they put on their daughters, if the same thing was exercised with their sons too, India today would not have lost its glory and shame.

3.    Made In India

India is hit by fiscal deficit of 5.9 crore as per 2013-14 statistics. The reason behind fiscal deficit is an increased import over exports. The need for imports has risen because of lack of manufacturing facilities in India. Why do we have to import made in china products when we can manufacture the same products n India? Why not invest in manufacturing technology? India has a pool of talent, which needs to be utilized wisely. Our youth will not have to go elsewhere in the quest of job opportunities if India can provide them wide scope to learn and excel in their respective fields. Come manufacture in India and sell across the world.  

4.    Follow Zero Defect and Zero Effect

Zero deficits refer to no product or service manufactured in India should be defective. Manufacturing of defective products includes defect in design, illegitimate safety devices and manufacturing defects that may cause abrasion. Zero effect refers to no adverse effect on our environment. Products that we manufacture should have zero effect on the environment. Save environment save country.

5.    Take Victory Over Poverty

Rich are getting richer and poor poorer. We need to bridge the gap between rich and poor. South Asian countries will help India achieve this target of reducing poverty. Modi mentioned about how Nepal has retorted to books leaving behind weapons thereby illustrating an example of walking on the path of non-violence. In order to emerge victory over poverty, all SAARC nations need to unite and combat against poverty.

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