Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Hold Your Inner Strength High

How difficult is it to follow your instincts?

Inner strength is nothing but a reflection of your single mindedness, determination and firmness. If you want something, you want it irrespective of the challenges lying ahead or hurdles pulling you back. Folks with low will power quit the opportunities in the wake of getting simpler ones ahead. Alternately, folks equipped with higher determination try out each and every opportunity that comes their way and are eager to confront more in future holding similar or tough situations.

Are you willing to explore the sky diving experience but the fear in you is restricting your wish to bloom?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and speak up ‘Yes I will do’! Develop the confidence in you up to an extent that fear does not get a scope to flourish in you. Inner strength and fear cannot exist under one roof. One has to die to let other blossom. Now you decide which one do you wish to stick with?

Getting to do what you what is not a herculean task. If you contain passion for a particular thing, go for it without worrying about the aftermath consequences. You want to be a musician but the parental pressure of becoming a doctor is hard to ignore. What can be the best possible solution to this situation? There are only two possible outcomes.

Ø  Either go by your parents, taking into consideration the society and its norms and say yes for pursuing Doctory.
Ø  Or stick to your vigorous inner strength of becoming a musician and be oblivious to external factors.

Consider both the conditions and analyse your long-term contentment level when you choose to go with either of them.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

World's Too Large To Please!

Loosen Up!
Act Freaky!
Live Your Way!

Coz world is too large to please and your life is too short to even try!

You must have come across an array of strange people who do not run on the same line of thoughts as you do and therefore, can never be pleased by your charming gestures. Is it worth trying to please them over and over again?

For instance, you like a pair of dress but your friend reprimands it. What are you going to do? Not buy it just because your lovable friend did not like it? What if you buy as per your friend's choice and your husband rebukes it? Hahaha! confused? Well, it is quite dangerous to accept everyone's concern, go as per their choices, pleasing a set of people and still be miserable for another set.

Do you know the best way to escape this situation? Just act your way!

Let me state a small experience that happened with me some time back. I am a kinda person who loves to talk, blabber around and speak non stop. Thats the way i am. Post marriage demands me to be a sophisticated, soft-spoken and worldly-wise girl. Ideally, that how every girl should behave post marriage. My hard efforts in changing myself reached a success after quite a few months. Finally, the day came when i converted myself into a punctilious, well-bred lady from a jabbering girl. And hey, to my chagrin, i was again disfavoured. 'Why have i become so grooved? Cant i lead a normal life without getting on the nerves of others?' 

Those who are reading this piece of material, i have a question to put across you. Am i wrong if i want to lead a life on my own? Am i wrong if i like to be same forever the way i am? Am i wrong if i am bubbly and jolly by heart? Seeking for your answers.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Genuine Beauty Lies Within

The outer beauty has camouflaged the lives of people falsely. They are profoundly magnetised by the outer beauty and have completely overshadowed the significance of inner charm. They are ready to accept a callous nature with pretty face but sidestep the prettier hearts having average looks.

Can someone explain these people that considering extrinsic looks may not always be the wisest choice. Outer looks can be larvated through make-up but inside charm can shine with your warm deeds. Let me illustrate this piece of writing with an example.

I still remember those days when I was called as a ‘Pimply face’. Yes, my face was masked with pimples. My friends used to swipe at me, teachers used to nudge me and relatives were always offended with me. No one could stand me except for my mom. I wept, screamed and freaked out, constantly asking my mom ‘Why god has made me like this’. She pulled me closely and whispered calmly in my ears ‘ You are the most beautiful girl on this earth’. She was the first one to have ever said that. I was somewhat delighted and clement.

I tenderly tweaked in her ears, ‘you are my mom, you are ought to say that’. To which my mom nimbly kissed my forehead and replied’ Yes I am your mother and so no one can explain you better than me. (I was listening her patiently). I can get an eyeful of your inner beauty that is present in your innocent smile, pristine eyes and licit face. I was totally stunned at what she said. I could only grasp a mega understanding of what she explained. But it seemed good to my ears. With the growing age, her concepts gained clarity in my mind.

The world is too big to please and your life is too short to even try. What matters the most is the semblance you wear for yourself. Beauty is what is felt within, what provides you a feel good factor and is not always about physical appearance. Whatever we are, however we are- fat, short heighted, dark. It is God who has chosen to give us these features. We are unique in our own ways. It is important to groom yourself and enhance your physical appearance. It lies under your control but fades with a passage of time. Inner beauty is evergreen. It plays a significant role in nurturing your character.

This genre of beauty makes you feel special about yourself.  Interacting calmly; greeting each other with welcome, thank you, sorry; guiding right path to an elderly, granting forgiveness for someone’s misbehaviour- these few deeds of courtesy are way higher than flaunting your polished external appearance.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

The World Of Fantasy!

Lost in the world of fantasies
Wonder where I am heading?
Great opportunities have passed by
I am still envisioning!!!!

Every part of me is dedicated to my zest
Oblivious to anyone’s declamation
Packed with my expertism, I step out to quest
The reason for my indignation!!!

Reaching the zenith of Himalayas is not a drop in the bucket
And I aim for making similar backbreaking effort
Without a squirt of fear

Tranquilize the sense of impatience in me
Expand the horizon of my mind
Give a room for my competence to develop
Checkout, how gracefully I shine!

Breaking all the barriers to reality
Let me have a real experience
Else the opportunities will come my way
And I will be still in my figment of imagination.....

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Narendra Modi: The Vision Of India

India can now take a sigh of relief with a fortune to see a positive transformation in India. With the changing government, the map of India is likely to change. Visionary Narendra Modi’s one-hour long impromptu has pinpointed such minute yet essential predicaments which otherwise would have been negated. His hearty articulation about Indian reforms has touched the hearts of millions. He directed the minds of nationals towards achievement of national goals and not their own aims.

Here are few aspects brought by Modi in the limelight:

1.    Exercise indiscrimination amongst boys and girls

Why are boys treated like prince and girls like twaddle? Just because boys bring you worldly goods, prosperity, dowry and girls take them away to other house? This bad notion is widely prevalent in India, which compels most of the parents to kill their daughters before they are even born. In the wake of having a son, the parents X-out the girl. Have you ever thought what is going to happen if the process of killing daughter continues? There won’t be any girl left, imbalance between girls and boys, marriages wont take place. Hence, you wont get to see your next generation.

2.    Question Your Sons as much you question your daughters

Where are you going? What time will you come? Why are you going? With whom are you going? Call when you reach.

Why are girls bombarded with the league of questions where as sons are not even asked where they are heading? The absolute responsibility of converting boys into spoilt brats lie with none other than their parents. The quantum of questions they ask to their daughters, the amount of restrictions they put on their daughters, if the same thing was exercised with their sons too, India today would not have lost its glory and shame.

3.    Made In India

India is hit by fiscal deficit of 5.9 crore as per 2013-14 statistics. The reason behind fiscal deficit is an increased import over exports. The need for imports has risen because of lack of manufacturing facilities in India. Why do we have to import made in china products when we can manufacture the same products n India? Why not invest in manufacturing technology? India has a pool of talent, which needs to be utilized wisely. Our youth will not have to go elsewhere in the quest of job opportunities if India can provide them wide scope to learn and excel in their respective fields. Come manufacture in India and sell across the world.  

4.    Follow Zero Defect and Zero Effect

Zero deficits refer to no product or service manufactured in India should be defective. Manufacturing of defective products includes defect in design, illegitimate safety devices and manufacturing defects that may cause abrasion. Zero effect refers to no adverse effect on our environment. Products that we manufacture should have zero effect on the environment. Save environment save country.

5.    Take Victory Over Poverty

Rich are getting richer and poor poorer. We need to bridge the gap between rich and poor. South Asian countries will help India achieve this target of reducing poverty. Modi mentioned about how Nepal has retorted to books leaving behind weapons thereby illustrating an example of walking on the path of non-violence. In order to emerge victory over poverty, all SAARC nations need to unite and combat against poverty.

Narendra Modi Convey His Feelings As Pradhan Sewak

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

How To Popularise Your Blog?

Crafting a popular blog is not a herculean task, nor it’s a child’s play. If you are well accustomed to the concept of blogging and willing to learn and embrace, then no clout on this earth can dare to stop you from earning wings.

What brings a blog in a mainstream?
What is the crowd-pulling factor?
What the audience acknowledges?

These are few questions that most of the times strike your heads. A thorough research and analysis of certain parameters have been chalked up that encourage the free flow of traffic to the blog sites and end your struggle to catch the eye balls of readers.

1.    Contrive A Captivating Visualisation

Apart from exhaustive information, visitors are in quest of some unique and enthralling designs. Make your blog visually captivating by including graphics, videos, polls and other visual elements. Try and spring up with some exclusive layouts and designs to contribute to the best user experience. Every blog is structured with visual echelons, needed to provide a fancy visualisation to the visitors. The blog posts have captions, headings, sub headings, pointers, links and block quotes that perform different functions and therefore have to look different than others depending on their roles.

For instance,

·      Headline has to be content-centric and is therefore written in the largest font size.
·      The sub headings also grab attention but will be written in size slightly less than heading.
·      The links are pasted in different colours than the rest of the content. The body quote is written off from the main paragraph and can be highlighted to retain its identity.
·      The body of content should not be exceeding 14 pixels.

2.    Promote on Social Networking Platforms

Millions of people are present on social networking sites. What can be better than promoting your blogs on social networking platforms? Everyone now days is using Facebook, twitter and linked In to bolster their content. Apart from accentuating on these popular sources of networking, why not post your content on smaller networks as well? Such sites may not be in vogue but has a defined and swarming audience enveloped with less competition for embracing heedfulness. Therefore, your content will exceptionally be conspicuous. A frequent advertisement of your blog posts will certainly compel the visitors to show up. Deliver your worth through social platforms and get entitled to a huge fan base. Tumblr, Empire Avenue, Quora.com, Stumbleupon are few examples of smaller network portals where you can gain a competitive advantage over others sharing only on celebrious platforms.

3.    Associate With Blog Communities

Blog communities house the popular blogs and provide a networking and interacting platform to the bloggers. The bloggers are in consistent search for such communities to submit their blogs and attain a reasonable Google page rank. For instance, if you search a particular terminology on Google, then you might encounter few more links to different blog communities having links to the same terminology. Few top blog communities to promote your posts are BlogEngage, DoSplash, The Writers Social, and Inbound.org, to name few.

4.    Posts In Quick Succession

Blogging once a blue moon wont serve your purpose. This is one inbound marketing strategy that has to be tackled tactfully. New and fresh content is what visitors hunt for and they certainly keep a track on their visits to your blog site if your posts interest them. Make meaningful comments on other blog posts connecting back to yours. Try and post on weekdays, when the number of readers accessing computers is high. A short and meaningful post can enable you to get the seeds of your post. Additionally, you can also turn your passion into a self-employment route by combining your blog posts on a particular topic and preparing a digital book. By blogging routinely, you will gain expertise and become known as a crackerjack in that arena.

5.    Make A Guest Visit On Renowned Blogs

One of the most effective ways to make your blog popular is to mark a guest visit on popular blogs and leave your comments. This way you will embrace a chance of getting remarked by other guest bloggers. Therefore, you need to fight a chance in posting relevant posts to give a valuable reason to bloggers to visit your blog site. Why is guest blogging significant?

·      It introduces you to new and large communities
·      Builds rapport with other bloggers
·      Discovers Business Opportunities
·      Builds Your Credibility 

6.    Set Your Blog On Ping Sites

The ping sites enable you to shoot out a set of information to other bloggers with a view to informing them about revamping of your blog. It is an imperative strategy to encourage crowd pulling especially when you want to get accession faster. Some of the useful and popular pinging sites that will help ensconce the foundation of your blog are 247pinger, Totalping, Pingfarm, Pingmylink, Googleping and Blogpingtool.

People will only follow you if you give a reason for them to follow. These are few tips that if harnessed correctly, can take your blog site to the world of wonders. Therefore, supersede right techniques and strategies to become one of the crowd-pleasing bloggers in the blogging industry.