Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Hold Your Inner Strength High

How difficult is it to follow your instincts?

Inner strength is nothing but a reflection of your single mindedness, determination and firmness. If you want something, you want it irrespective of the challenges lying ahead or hurdles pulling you back. Folks with low will power quit the opportunities in the wake of getting simpler ones ahead. Alternately, folks equipped with higher determination try out each and every opportunity that comes their way and are eager to confront more in future holding similar or tough situations.

Are you willing to explore the sky diving experience but the fear in you is restricting your wish to bloom?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and speak up ‘Yes I will do’! Develop the confidence in you up to an extent that fear does not get a scope to flourish in you. Inner strength and fear cannot exist under one roof. One has to die to let other blossom. Now you decide which one do you wish to stick with?

Getting to do what you what is not a herculean task. If you contain passion for a particular thing, go for it without worrying about the aftermath consequences. You want to be a musician but the parental pressure of becoming a doctor is hard to ignore. What can be the best possible solution to this situation? There are only two possible outcomes.

Ø  Either go by your parents, taking into consideration the society and its norms and say yes for pursuing Doctory.
Ø  Or stick to your vigorous inner strength of becoming a musician and be oblivious to external factors.

Consider both the conditions and analyse your long-term contentment level when you choose to go with either of them.