Monday, 3 March 2014

How To Craft A Commendable Copy

Copy Writing describes a product by stating minimum lines dedicated to sell that particular product. When a reader comes across a copy, he has envisioned that the aim of the copy is to sell him the product.

Will You Entertain a Feeble-Minded Copy?

When you encounter a dull and sluggish copy, how many of you actually leaf through it? The very fact lies here that the copy must be glamorous for it to metamorphose advertisement into real purchase. The Copy Writer must spring up with humorous, abstract and insightful copy that the customers find it overwhelming to read. The best way to produce a factual and meticulous copy is to undergo an exhaustive research about the product or service, determine your target market and keep your verbalism comprehendible. You are unlikely to write a copy unless you are well versed with whom you are writing it for? What that person expects out of it? And what that person needs?

Writing great copy needs time and patience. Some of the excellent copy writers might take weeks to contrive a headline and then few months to craft a body copy. It is not because of their slow nature but discern of getting the copy on track. Dull writers are not concerned with the quality. All they are concerned with is quick work done. They just riffle through the copy and send it out disallowing any positive outcome to enter in. A thorough revision of copy will prevent you from facing sideswipe from the readers. A petty flaw in the copy (grammatical or spelling mistakes) can leave an everlasting negative impression on the readers. 

Copy can be in a form of slogans, jingles, one line phrase or a paragraph. The client can demand any one of the campaigns and you need to present it with perfection. Your campaign must be compelling but not compel the customers to buy it. Explain the features and benefits of the product; Why they should buy it from you? Why it is a good deal? Why they should trust you? Talk about why your product is superior to other products in the same line but do not castigate the importance of other products. A precise and simple, yet informative copy is what appreciated by the customers. The extravaganza often aggravates customers and impels them to wash hands of the copy and therefore the product. At the end, the ultimate decision of buying lies with them.

A good headline is a barometer of a good copy. More captivating the headline is, more engaged the customers are. At an average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. Your headline must be strong and enthralling and perfectly in tune with the body copy. 


  1. thanks a lot for this..
    by the way, is there any word limit or anything like that ?

  2. In content writing, you have a word limit but writing a copy just requires minimum of words or lines to describe

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