Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Journey Of My Life

Born in nineteen eighty nine
I was the first child in my castle
Pampered, caressed and fondled
I was treated like an angel...

Danced on the tune of my requirements
My parents had bought me each and everything
From a pint-sized toffee to gargantuan play station
I enjoyed the privilege of being my dad's offspring

Relished my schooling profusely
With my name topping the bunking list
Collocated sky-high education
Exploring earnestly the party hubs

Boring Graduation swayed me away from the college
The lecturers were strict than the school professors
Passing examination seemed a challenge
B.A Programme subjects were tough to decipher

Best things happened to me on this earth
When I enrolled myself for Post graduation
The pursuit of happiness was achieved with great friends
Calm and composed, we F**K*D the MBA astriction

My life took a whole new turn
When I espoused an adorable hubby
Adventurous, insightful and serene
Made my life all the more glittery...


  1. aha, thats profuse and merry-filled

  2. beautiful about me .. you are the first girl i came across who mentioned her age so publicly :D

  3. You are happy so lead a full life.
    Have a lovely week!

  4. Glad to have known you a bit more through this amazing piece of poetry.
    The flow till the end was awesome cum beautiful in all ways Akanksha. :)