Sunday, 2 March 2014

My Way Of Writing

Thinking profoundly
Analysing intensively
Tuned with my creativity
Producing my words chimerically

Use of exceptionally good citation
Unmatchable standards of my terminology
I have composed my writing with perfection
Producing a factual and flawless copy

Have been writing for a while
Encountering offers across the globe
Helping escalate my morale
Emboldening me to write more

Great thoughts when pop up in my mind
Greatly I write them on papery
With great semblance I envision
Myself getting completely empty

Have achieved colossal client base
Clinging to them by giving my best swirl
Desirous of reaching to the vertex
Never look back on my long haul of travail

Thank God for the great opportunities
Surrounded by top-notch offers
I can mould my words with artistry
I am an exceptionally exceptional writer.....