Friday, 28 February 2014

How To Find Inspiration To Produce Inspirited Writing

How so ever profound you are in writing, there are times, when you tend to get bored of the same pattern of writing and consider it monotonous or probably you feel apathetic towards writing and waiting for an inspiration to strike your mind. Every person needs inspiration at some point of his life to move ahead and grab the ladder to success. Inspiration is an integral part of writing procedure and acts as a motivational factor. Being a fervent writer does not mean that you will always remain inspired to write. When you do not get a positive feedback from the readers, you tend to get dishearten and lose your confidence. Here are few pointers that have have instilled inspiration in me to write more.

  • Appetite for knowledge
An everlasting appetite for knowledge can be gained when you undergo an exhaustive and comprehensive research, analyse your research material and pen down your study. Quench your longing thirst to gain plentiful knowledge by exploring the arena pertaining to a particular topic. Intelligent and meaningful content enveloped with good vocabulary will provide a wonderful experience to the readers to apprehend.
  • Browse other blog sites
It gives immense pleasure to browse other writer's work. This does not only inspire you to write more but also help in letting you compare the writer's style of writing with yours. Scan dozens of blogs and observe their genre of composing content  and aim to draft a better one.
  • Watch Movies
At times you come across certain words or dialects that you would intent to use in your blog post therefore making your blog site a greater platform for good vocabulary and stylish citations. 
  • Writing Forums
Exclusively designed for passionate writers. Writing forums provide you a great platform to unburden your thoughts and share your views on any topic in any domain. Influenced by your writing, the readers leave positive comments on your thoughts thus inculcating a sense of inspiration in you and impelling you to explore more in the writing industry. 
  • Hollywood Music
Never was I a music lover until I realised the significance of lyrics in broadening my acumen. The tricky prose helps me good deal in producing a brilliant content. Moreover, music acts as a stress buster for me and prior to start writing, I usually listen to soothing songs to tranquil my mind. More your mind is relaxed, more space it has for new ideas to pop in.
  • Browse Quotations and Citations
Browse through endless great quotes and citations and let one of them strike a great post idea. There are millions of quotations; Hilarious, intelligent and impressive, at least one of them might inspire you to write.
  • Free flow of ideas
One of the most remarkable techniques of getting inspiration to write is letting your thoughts flow freely on paper. You tend to unburden yourself from the cumbersome thoughts by converting them in words and this lead to an inspiration to write more. More you write, more calm your mind gets.


  1. this is a good one... lack of fire power is what usually holds one back from coming up with inspirited write ups...

  2. Totally!! Motivation is imperative in current scenario

  3. Great tips. I find the last one especially useful in all kinds of writing. Thanks!

  4. thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. blessings to you!

  5. Wonderful list of tips here. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Knowledge is power and sharing knowledge makes you powerful... keep up your good writing habit.. writers create records of history and reflection of civilized society

    1. Thank you for the appreciation. I will try and explore, study, analyse and write more profusely.