Monday, 17 February 2014

Challenges encountered by Amateur Freelance Writers

Freelance writing is worthwhile in terms of comfort and convenience. Working from home and making a full time living from part time job is an enthralling ideation. Choosing favourable hours of working and managing things your way brings balance between your personal and professional life. Like every other business, freelance writing comes up with its own challenges that need to be tackled very discreetly.

  • No fixed income
Freelance writing cannot be considered as a profuse career, the way MBA or Engineering jobs are considered. If you choose to work as a freelance writer, you will have to decipher the very essence of its impotence to provide you a lavish award. You are unlikely to choose Freelance Writing as your career until you are passionate about writing. Passionate people choose their fervour over money.

  • Credibility of the client
At times, clients play safe by allotting chunk of huge work to the amateurs and later abandon the payment by stating the irrelevancy of work. Since amateurs are new to the writing field, they lack sense of judging the credibility of the clients and work as per the clients instructions. You need to be cautious while working for the clients. Pick selective projects from the clients and get an eyeful of their payment behaviour followed by which you can decide on to increasing the quantum of your work.

  • Difficulty in catching the sight of first client
Big e-commerce entrepreneurs do not easily belief in amateurs. They would be willing to employ an experienced writer to develop web content for them or write blogs as far as their business is concerned. You may make an attempt to impress them by sending your current sample of writing, they might still require a better writer. Solution to this lies in focus your efforts on being independent, write your own professional blogs and keep writing until you achieve excellence.

  • Imbalance between professional and personal life
One of the most common problems freelance writers confront is to maintain a balance between professional and personal life. Since you are new in this domain, witnessing loads of writing work on your shoulders might lead you to a panic stricken situation. The best way to get a handle on this is to either outsource half of your burden to other freelance writers on few bank notes or select the best offers and dedicate all your efforts to do them. Spend your time wisely on the most important projects so that you can spare some time for your personal life.

  • Negative Evaluation
Being it experienced or amateur, writers do have to face criticism at times. The only difference is experienced ones are used to it and amateurs are new. The best way to deal wit hit is to accept it in a positive sense and work towards your betterment. Consider negative evaluation as a tool to enhance your writing skills and strengthen your weak points. 

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