Saturday, 15 February 2014

Key Pointers Freelance Writers must grasp to sustain competitive advantage

Making a perfect selection out of a body of writers is not a tough job. It is very much similar to visiting an electronic store and choosing the felicitous electronic devices for yourself. Quite a few points that you are likely to consider prior to making a satisfying electronic purchase could be Quality, Worth, Stylish, Reviews and be in the mainstream. 

I would like to share few of the important key pointers that will help freelance writers stand apart and gain competitive advantage over others in the same line of business.

  • First-String Quality of the Write up
Make sure your style holds a premium quality in writing. An old phrase evolved by Charles Darwin 'Survival of the fittest' states that only fit individuals can survive and weak ones are negated. In simpler terms, if your quality of content is overshadowed by your competitor's writing skills, you are likely lose the battle in the writing field.

  • Comprehensive Research
You can produce a spell binding content only if you have undergone a comprehensive research pertaining to the topic. Soliciting data from primary or secondary source might help you gather a boundless information if you carry out the research methodology properly. More you research, more you analyse and hence, more you can write.

  • Mastery in Writing
Any one can be a normal writer, it takes coon's age to gain mastery in writing. If you wish to captivate reader's attention, you need to write captivating lines, idioms, phrases. Make a good choice of hypnotising words and exceptional vocabulary. Your genre of writing should compel readers to include you in the books of great writers. Use of distinctive words will make you distinctive in writing and take you to the essence of your writing potential.

  • Worth of the project
Do not exaggerate and be over confident of your writing skills, you never know when your fate takes an averse turn. Charge a figure justifiable to the worth of the project. Prices vary with varying categories like Articles, Blogs, Web Content or Marketing Collaterals. Some writers have the desperation to grab more and more projects and therefore undercharge for their work allowing people to question the status of their professionalism. The best way to charge for the projects is to fathom the prevalent rates in writing industry.

  • Read newspapers and books
People reading books and newspapers in regular terms are found to be more proficient in writing and speaking than the ones who overlook reading. Reading regularly widens your perspective and develops your mind intellectually therefore creating a perpetual flow of ideas twisting in your mind. Reading enables you to think better and write more philosophically.

  • Re-examine your content
When you have to take an examination next day, you revise the subject the previous day. Why? Obviously to check if you are thorough with everything and not left anything behind. Similarly, you need to double check the content subsequent to writing it to ensure a flawless copy. There are writers who lack patience and are just concerned with submitting the copy at the earliest and charge its worth. This is not a gesture of a good writer and will leave an everlasting negative impression on the readers. It is imperative to edit and proofread the content ample times to avoid any glitch.

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  1. Of course nothing comes easy, but once the tough gets going, the writing journey is more smooth…