Thursday, 27 February 2014

No New Projects?- Keep Your Spirits High

You might be a battle-scarred writer but there are times when you have to struggle to get new work or retain the existing one. No your skills are not under the purview of dubiousness, there is least work in the writing market. Victims of such jobless situations often lose their morale and consider themselves as incompetent and unproductive. These are the times when writers are misguided and take wrong decisions like downsizing their rates in order to satisfy their insatiable appetite for writing. The beseeching pitch of yours leaves a negative impression on the clients and compel them to think out of the box. This outlook of yours will not help you become a successful writer and force the clients to turn their backs on you thereby depriving you of some great opportunities.

If you do not get new projects, do not panic. A panic stricken mind contracts the thought process and writing tactfully is a brain game. Just keep your spirits high and follow the following strategies that helped me escape such situation.

  • Market Your Writing Skills Vehemently
Equipped with intensive work load, writers generally do not get time to market their skills properly. Since you have limited task and adequate time at this juncture, you can employ your time by promoting your skills via joining writing forums or writing your own blogs or sharing your piece of writing on social networking sites. Disheartened and aggrieved, writers abstain from marketing their skills. They fail to understand the significance of promoting their passion publicly. 
  • Have faith in your skills
Besieged by paucity of work, writers tend to lose faith in their abilities and get demotivated. Losing faith is not the answer to your predicament. Exercise optimism and stay positive. Wait for the temporary poor phase to take a U-turn and then experience a whole new life destined to give miracles. Staying positive is the best possible alternative at this time. Your positivity will reflect in your tone and boosts the client's confidence of investing in right hands.
  • Browse other writer's blogs
Whenever I could spare some time for myself, I chose to browse the fanciful writings of other writers. Reading their blogs and leaving comments does not only provide you with new ideas to include in your posts but also makes you recognisable to various other writers. Coming in contact with other people might unlock the door to your success.
  • Keep your passion on
If you love writing then why to make the 'shortage of work' the reason to halt you from writing. Write as much as you can covering your favourite topics and domains. This is the time indeed when you can exclusively spotlight your area of writing. Occupied with other projects, you are likely to overlook your area of interest. This is the best time when you can acuminate your writing know-how by simply writing anything and reinforce your writing career.


  1. These are definitely all great ideas! I think marketing yourself and your writing skills can be the hardest part at times.

  2. It requires aggressive marketing to make your writing skills popular