Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I am a Passionate Writer

No I do not write to earn awards,
Nor do I write to get appreciation for my writing smarts;
I simply write because I am a passionate writer
Burdened with lumbering thoughts.....

I revolutionise my thoughts on paper
With an endeavour to liberate myself
I come up with some stupendous verbalism
Making myself proud of my prowess.....

I just write, write and write
Sensing the sensitivity of my emotions
The feeling deep down in my heart
Yearn for natural exhalation.....

I write beyond words
My thoughts are beyond imagination
I love exploring knowledge
And push a pencil with perfection.....

Camouflaged with certain responsibilities
I am destined to balance my working life
With the supportive demeanour of my in-laws
I am in collar as a part time housewife.....

My style of writing might be influential
My choice of words might seem superior
However, I do not write to make an impression
I simply write because I am a passionate writer.....


  1. Good for you for writing because you want to. Keep it up. I already like it. Soon you might have a lot of fans of your writing.

  2. Keep writing and may this blog bring you laurels, Akanksha:)

    1. Thank you Sir!! I have a strong instinct that my passion will bring me success

  3. And this is a different one from the passionate writer

    1. Yes, I am trying to explore my writing via different ways

  4. It's good for you to write. It will liberate,enhance you. You have a good one.
    Enjoy writing!

    1. Certainly Sarah!! I myself have felt the change

  5. Well written, Akanksha! Made an impression! :)
    I write out of passion!
    But, great when it makes an impression :)

    1. Thanks Anita, It is surely great when it makes an impression but I do not bother and just write whether it makes sense or not

  6. Absolutely agree with your words , writing is healing for me, greet from indonesia