Friday, 7 February 2014

Establish a Freelance Writing Business

The freelancing industry has been tremendously growing over the years thus providing an excellent scope for freelance writers to excel. Setting a freelance writing business is the most fascinating prospect I have ever come across. All you require is Critical thinking and Good Communication expertise. Here are few tips on starting a Freelance content Writing Business:

Realise your potential

The first and foremost thing is to envisage your passion, determination and interest towards writing. Some people choose this domain either for killing their boredom or because of peer pressure. If your friends have chosen this domain, it is because of a mere fact that they have a flair in writing. Writing is not a child's play, it is a challenging task.

Boost your Confidence, Take a chance 

If you lack confidence, you cannot move a step ahead. If you have confidence, you can climb Mount Everest. Confidence is the faith that leads to achievement, without it, there is no hope. Everyone has his first experience in life. I never knew if I could ever become a freelance content writer but I held immense confidence within me and was passionate about writing. I said 'Lets give it a shot man' and went for it. Now when I look back, I feel proud on my decision of taking a chance. I am a freelance writer managing a colossal client base. 

Create Awareness

Once you have decided to move up in freelance writing business, next comes how to create awareness amongst the potential clients? Create a brand by building an outlandish website, creating your own blog or following other's blogs an sharing your brand on social media websites. There are countless websites featuring freelance writers, your site must convey your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which will help you to stand out and pull heavy traffic on your site.

Build a Writing portfolio

You will only be able to entice potential clients if you have maintained a portfolio of your writing. Many clients are interested in checking your past records and sample of writing prior to getting in agreement with you. They might ask you to write a fresh sample to check your efficiency but an updated portfolio will increase the chances of you getting hired. You need to prove your worth to the high paying clients to be listed in their good books.

Brace a profound Resume

A source through which prospective clients can consider your services is via your resume. Prepare a notable resume equipped with all information pertaining to your writing skills. An overview about your past work, vision for future development will foster confidence in the clients looking forward to hire you.

Enrol with Freelance writing job portals

The best and indeed the most efficient way to get in touch with the prospective clients is to register yourself with eminent freelance writing job portals or forums like oDesk, Elance, Craigslist. Scrutinise the best suitable jobs available and get going.


  1. An interesting post that I enjoyed reading.

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  2. Good tips, but things aren't that easy.

  3. Very true Indrani. Its tough but not impossible.

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    1. Certainly!! I will be writing more of such posts. Would welcome you to visit regularly :)

  5. These are excellent tips! I am sure they will be very useful for people wanting to break into freelance writing.

  6. Enjoyed this post and tips were really useful! You can read more of my posts at if you like:)

  7. I don’t think my USP is among the best that’s there..niways, I m going to give it a try and feel I should start off somewhere… your cues are welcome always..

    1. Yes you should at least give it a shot. You are always welcome to read my posts.

  8. Tips are very helpful. I also am thinking about some of them. But.......
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  9. Have tried Elance and found that they are fair in their dealings. now must try out the other two.

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