Saturday, 8 February 2014

Single Out a Good Copy Writer

Choosing a good copy writer in todays's complicated world has emerged as thorns in one's side. A good writer is the one who can produce a crystal clear, intelligent and precise copy that creates a long lasting impression in reader's mind and stimulates their desire of buying your products. On the contrary, an average writer might create a cut-copy-paste copy. Few considerations one should make prior to choosing a Good Copy Writer are as follows:

  • Educational & Professional Background
An educational and professional background in content or copy writing, advertising, journalism or marketing helps writer develops good acumen and efficiency in writing skills and analytical thinking. 

  • Experience
An experienced writer has a broadened perspective and is well-versed with the writing techniques. When I talk about experience, I do not particularly refer to the time length but the writing style that the writer must have developed over a period of time. More the experience, better the writing skills.

  • Expectations
Determine the type of work you expect out of a copy writer. Defining your expectations will help you choose a suitable writer for your company. Not all copywriters are excellent in all domains. Some may be good at copy writing, editing or proofreading while some have their expertise in formulating overall marketing strategies. Determining your expectations prior to selecting a writer will help you produce better output.

  • Sample Writing
Most of the good writers have the habit of maintaing their portfolios so that they can provide a quick glance of their sample of writing. Additionally, you can also provide them few topics and check out their efficiency in writing. Sample of writing will provide you an idea about the writer's insights.

  • References
The most common and efficient way to judge the writer is by consulting the marketing or content writing companies who they have worked with. You should not totally rely on the referrals and place emphasis on their writing quality.

  • Payment Schedule
All writers have different payment schedule. Some work on project basis, some on hourly basis and others by the pages. You need to decide which one to go with but choose a quality writer even if he is expensive. No matter if they are charging more, they will provide you services parallel to excellence as far as your business is concerned.

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