Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Weak Spots of Freelance Content Writer

I have been working in the writing business from quite a few months now and experienced the ups and downs in my career. Having been well versed with my flaws, I would like to share few mistakes that I committed and other freelancers are likely to commit. If you lack the requisite fervour, determination and enthusiasm, you would not find it easy to sustain as a freelance content writer.

Here are few Weak Spots of Freelance Content Writers:

  • Procrastination of Work
Since you are working from home, you tend to laze around or get equipped with other house jobs. Do not forget you are working with a company and shoulder certain responsibilities towards it. Delaying your work will not only frustrate your clients but also mark an adversity to their productivity. Coming in the bad books of clients might turn out to be a loss forever.

  • Vulnerability and dishonesty
Professional writers might not occur such mistakes. New writers often undertake the writing jobs for a fact that they have flair in writing. They fail to understand that they hold certain commitment towards the company. Without giving prior notice to the company, in a blitzkrieg, the writers leave the company as they are done with their favourite pass time. Be responsible and follow the correct procedures considering the goodwill of the company if you ever have to take a break. 

  • Being Overloaded
In the wake of opportunities, we tend to overburden ourselves with freelancing projects without realising the aftermath consequences. Every Project requires quality content within stipulated times. Having been overloaded intensively will yield you nothing. You will either produce bad content in less time or quality content beyond the ultimatum. In both the ways, you will not be appreciated thus, leaving a bad impression on your clients. Therefore, take limited projects with an aim to deliver quality content within the ultimatum.

  • Study the contract thoroughly
A very natural mistake of neglecting the contract or term agreement. It is mandatory to pay attention to all the details mentioned in the agreement to prevent any predicament in future. The clients know the tactics of moulding freelance writers as per their convenience. You might end up receiving peanuts.

  • Lack of Time Management
If you want to succeed in your career, you need to manage your time wisely. Case is worst when you are a home-maker as you are equipped with certain responsibilities towards your children and family. The best way to deal with this challenge is to formulate a schedule and calculate the number of hours you can devote to your business and eventually help you form a balance between your professional and personal life.


  1. These points are indeed quite informative. Bookmarked!
    Thanks Akanksha for sharing your experience with us! :)

  2. what great tips...I need to read this over and over and take notes! Thanks for the comments and hope to keep up with you now!