Sunday, 2 February 2014

Difference between an average writer and a good writer

A good Writer shows because he has something to show; An ordinary Writer shows because he has to show something.

  • Take it as a challenge
A good writer will always find it tough to write a paragraph. Their every step needs immense thinking. Writing is not the only task of a content writer. An exhaustive research followed by empirical study brings the writer to a position where he can produce an excellent and factual content. An ordinary writer finds it easy to write full project as they are only concerned with writing and do not involve their intellectual thinking.

  • Flawless Content
Good writers have in-depth knowledge and acumen of drafting an error-free content. Apart from error free (Grammatical and spelling mistakes) and accurate content, they are also concerned with the beautification of the page. Artistic Writing camouflaged with splendid presentation provides a wonderful experience to visualize.

  • Get the real picture on paper
A good writer exercises his reflective and intellectual thinking and produce a content exactly parallel to the topic. More simplified the content is, more magnetising it is. Many Ordinary writers have the habit of deviating from the actual topic and write hyperbolised theory.  

  • Quest for the best word
Compromising on quality is not what good writers have learnt. State-of-the-art words are usually not welcomed. Words that are easy to comprehend gain maximum attention from the public. The overuse of vogue words is what good writers must guard against.

  • Know when to end
Certain Writers think the more they elongate content, the more they will cover. The fact remains same, swift, precise and clear content overpowers the elongated content including superflous expression. Good writers know when they have to quit and sidestep the hangovers of other ideas sifting in unnoticed.


  1. great way to start off...
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  5. I guess, this(the above post) sums up all the basic points a good writer should possess. Captivating points indeed.
    Thanks for the share which is simple yet so powerful.:)