Saturday, 8 February 2014

5 Tricks to Strengthen your Writing Skills

Anyone can write but writing in an exceptional way is where the challenge lies. If you write well, you can entice readers to read your blogs or articles. If you do not, then be ready to lose them to other interesting blog sites. Below are few tricks to strengthening your writing skills. 

  • Initiate Diary Entries

One of the best ways to improve your writing skills is to Write Diary Entries regularly. Do not restrict yourself and let your thoughts flow freely on paper. More freely you will right, more natural it will appear and writing is all about codifying your natural thoughts creatively on paper. Best practise to determine your potentiality in writing. 

  • Read beyond your comfort zone

Normally we all are resistant to change and apprehensive towards stepping out of our comfort zones. It is an old fact, if you do not come out of your comfort level, by no means you can succeed in life. If you want to be a proficient writer, you have got to be a proficient reader. Reading is the only source through which you can come across new ideas, words and phrases. Read beyond what you normally read. I used to read Cartoon comics but soon realised the fact of gaining nothing out of it and switched over to Economic Times and business magazines that proved to be of great help.

  • Rewrite your blogs and articles

Rewriting will help you identify your writing skills before and after. Take up the challenge of rewriting your blogs once in a weak or fortnight at least and you will be astounded to apperceive the improvement in your writing over time. Each time you rewrite, you will feel an advancement in your writing.

  • Visit other blog sites

If you want to get noticed and stand apart from the rest, you need to visit your favourite blog sites regularly and make extrinsic comments. For instance, if you want to comment 'Beautiful post' (simple and ordinary), instead state in a distinctive way like 'mesmerising lines'. It does make a difference. 

  • Link with a writer's group

Do not feel reticent in sharing your views as the members of the writer's group are perhaps the best people who can guide you. Their feedback will help you in determining your weakness and let you improvise it. Reading their piece of writing will help you analyse the difference between your writing style and theirs. 


  1. This is great advice! I like the idea of diary entries to come up with new topics. And yes, stepping out of the comfort zone is helpful. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Good luck with yours! :)

    1. Thanks loredana. I am so much inspired by your beautiful blog posts.

  2. second n third points i find to be the apt ones for me to keep myself going...

  3. wonderful pointers... when one has a group of friends to write with and who provide constructive criticism, the style of writing can improve ten folds.

  4. great advice with some nice points ! rewriting and critic are best source of improvement !

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