Tuesday, 4 February 2014

How to set Freelance Content Writing Rates?

Setting freelance writing rates could be accosting as different clients have varying expectations as far as their projects are concerned. At times you need to undergo aggressive negotiations to get right rates for your services. If the client is providing you projects on perpetual basis and have been able to establish strong rapport with you, offering discounts might be a good option to exercise. Here are few tips to be considered while setting freelance writing rates.

  • Type of Project
The nature of the project determines the price to be charged for the particular project. Are you writing a web content, an article or blog, an e-book. If you have undertaken web content, how many topics under a website? If article, decide upon the number of words and accordingly set the prices. Different categories hold varying price ranges. Also, you could checkout the prevailing writing prices in writer's market. Browse couple of websites to have a glimpse of market prices like forums, freelance websites and blogs.

  • Urgent Deadlines
Many a times client requires the project on urgent basis thus giving you very less time to perform. In such cases, if you contain the potentiality of serving him the best in right time, the ball is in your court. You can charge him slightly more on the plight of your efficiency. Shorter deadlines generally put intensive work pressure on your minds and to compensate this work pressure, you can negotiate with the client for compensation.

  • Hire Re-writers
Hiring Re-writers is essential when the client is difficult to comprehend. Very peculiar and specific about everything, expecting not even 0.1% of imperfection and finicky in every matter pertaining to the topic. You are ought to hire rewriters to share your burden and also revise the content copiously to escape any flaw in future.

  • Exhaustive research
Any writing requires comprehensive research  prior to starting up. There is a difference, at times you need to undertake simple research strategy for completion of your content, sometimes the client requires you to invest a great deal of time in researching to produce a profound copy. In such cases, you have the right to get compensated for the time you are investing in research work which you could have invested in some other projects and earned a good deal.

  • Writing skills
If you are in the writing field from quite a few years, you are probable to have achieved expertise in writing as compared to the newbies. Based on your confidence and acumen, you can set a higher charge for your freelance writing work. Be certain that your prices are able to substantiate your quality of work. Higher charges will demand supreme quality.

  • Project Costings
Last but not the least, make an estimation of your total costings occurred during the tenure of the project. Apart from secondary source of information, you might have to choose the primary source which requires travelling and contacting sources that will involve huge costs. If your client requires primary information, you can negotiate with him prior to staking up the project. 

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