Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Evolution Of Freelance Writer Into Agency

Are you an ambitious writer aiming to expand your writing business on a large scale and bring home sufficient income to justify your worth? Do you have the skills required to start an agency? Do you have the capacity to handle on diverse projects inhere with distinctive domains? Can you establish a freelance writing business successfully?

If you have the concrete answers for the above mentioned then you are likely to be felicitous to start your own Writing agency. Running an agency is not a child's play. It requires grievous preparation prior to its commencement.

  • Envision your potential for becoming an agency
Till you are freelancer, you are free from all risks and pains. Once you become an agency, you need to make a balance between creativity and business development. Your responsibilities will increase manifold in the agency as compared to the freelancing. Having done numerous freelance projects, you might be in a position to start your own agency. However, managing an agency does not revolve exclusively around creativity. There might be ample of creative human manpower under your purview whom you need to manage effectively. You need to undertake guidance and training sessions to upgrade their skills timely.
  • Loads of work to handle
The moment you realise the quantum of work is high is exactly the time you can consider becoming an agency. A single freelancer cannot take handle on diverse projects as it not only hampers the quality of your work but also creates a state of disorientation. You can outsource half of the work on subcontract and choose to do the best ones yourself.
  • Manage your Human Resources effectively
One of the most significant factors to be considered before you start your agency is managing your manpower. Now you are no more a freelancer and your task will not fall within the purview of creativity only. You are an agency and will be leading the projects tackling many departments. There might be different departments functioning differently but the shepherd has to be you.
  • Gain Expertise in freelance writing
If you have undertaken a major chunk of freelance projects in past and gained expertise in writing then establishing an agency will proof to be worthwhile for you. Many Writers I have witnessed are desirous of starting their own writing agencies without gaining a good hand on writing techniques and lose their clients immediately. You need to understand if client is investing colossal amount of money in your agency, he would expect a copy not less than perfect.

Your job requires you to do the following:
  1. Talk to the client and analyse his expectations and specifications from the content writing.
  2. Recruit top-notch writers who ensure an effective delivery of errorless content.
  3. Direct their minds towards achieving the writing goals by providing them proper training and guidance.
  4. Praise them when they submit their projects within the ultimatum and on skittering the deadlines, reprimand them.
  5. Edit and proofread the projects received to fend of non performance on your side.
  6. Submit the project to the client and wait for his response.
  7. Revise the projects again if the client disapproves.
  8. Explain your incompetence to submit the projects on time.


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