Thursday, 6 February 2014

Freelance Writer- My Career Choice

Do you have flair in writing? Do you crave to express your thoughts on paper? Do you wish to pacify your emotions?

You have made the right choice of entering into Writing domain. Writing develops your intellectual cognition and broadens your perspective which might not have been possible in a regular ten to six job. Freelance content writing job is not made for money minded or business minded people. It is exclusively made for thought provokers, more interested in exercising their thoughts and formulating them on paper. 

I have worked in many domains exploring each one to the core. Eventually I realised my potentiality lies in writing and therefore chose to go with my passion. I have interned with Ogilvy and Mather in a client servicing team handling KFC Account. I used to act as a mediator between the clients and creative team consisting of designers and copy writers. My boss usually handed the copy writer's work to me and most of them stood with the state of amazement when i came up with some real good copy describing the KFC Products. From past quite a few months I have been working with a content writing company as a freelance content writer and crossed over Hundreds of articles and blogs experiencing a stimulating growth in me.

Freelance Content Writing is a versatile job best for those looking to work from home. If you chose to go with freelance writing you might be entitled to plenty of benefits like:

  • Malleability in working Hours
  • Convenience and comfort as you can laze around anytime at home
  • Choose the company and topics as per your specialisation
  • Increases your vocabulary and thinking power
  • Enhances your knowledge as writing requires intensive research
Writing is not as easy as it seems to be. It is the most challenging task and involves scads of creativity. You need to possess certain qualities to become an efficient writer. Few of them are:

  • Good Communication Skills
  • Intellectual and Reflective Thinking
  • Good vocabulary
  • Strong analytical skills 
  • Good Researcher

Freelance Content Writing might not earn you great deal of money but knowledge, it surely will.


  1. It surely does help you gain an ample amount of knowledge. Not every one can succeed as a content writer. People like us don't have a way with words just like you do. Your writing skills are just too good.
    The way you connect things with such ease is what that amazes me.
    Content Writing : I have given it a try myself but not every time I can stay in a state of cogitation & I lack patience too. :p
    Akanksha , the above mentioned tips will come in handy sometime.
    Keep Writing & Keep sharing! :)

  2. Thanx for your pleasing words Nikhil. You have not only boosted my confidence but also inspired me for writing more.

    1. Did I?? O_o ...:p :p
      I am so glad that my comment could do that. The least it could do I guess. :) :)

    2. Thats enough for me :) Motivation often does that to me

  3. I had to catch up with a few posts here…great…

    And here you have energizing lines for us budding, aspiring writers…thanks.. keep them coming..

  4. Great post Akanksha..All the best :-)

  5. Thanx guys for encouraging me to write more.

  6. Wow..great tips...You have a way with words.

  7. Very useful tips and content writing sure needs skills:)

  8. Thank You so much :) Would write more blogs and expect you all to mark your presence regularly